"In the not-too-far future, rule by debt-based currency will be seen as devoid of any legitimacy, just as today we see as devoid of legitimacy the concepts of rule by divine right and rule by chattel ownership of ones body." -- Michael Rivero

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Crime in Germany has exploded to levels not seen in close to a decade, with a huge increase in migrants committing offences, especially violent crimes.

Statistics from the German Interior Ministry released on Tuesday show that the number of foreign suspects rocketed up to around 923,000 in 2023, correlating to a whopping 18 percent increase in just one year.

Stocks of Patriot systems in Germany are almost exhausted. It is necessary to check the availability of all Patriot systems in Europe and the world.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Annalena Baerbock, stated this, the German TV channel NTV reported on Tuesday, April 9.

Lithuanian leaders hailed a “historic event” as Germany on Monday began deploying troops in the Baltic country — a NATO member — marking the first time since World War II that German forces will be based outside the country on a long-term basis.

About two dozen soldiers arrived in Lithuania, laying the groundwork for a further 150 to join them later this year. The deployment is expected to be up to its full strength of 5,000 by the end of 2027.

Tuesday, Apr 09, 2024 - 01:45 AM

In 2006, NATO defense ministers agreed that each member country would commit at least 2% of its GDP to defense spending. Nearly two decades later, some member countries have not met the target, only to be recently reminded by former President Trump to ramp up defense spending or face severe consequences. 

The German government has just made an astonishing admission, revealing that the entire COVID-19 pandemic was a hoax designed to vaccinate the public with mRNA injections and impose unwelcome new laws.

What is significant is that the German Health authorities based on official data have now been obliged under Freedom of Information to reveal the devastating nature and impacts of the Covid lockdowns imposed on 190 countries, starting March 11, 2020.

Most of the independent studies related to the pandemic have been the object of censorship.

At 6 a.m. on March 22, pro-Palestinian activists Said and Yasemin, who were asleep in their respective Berlin homes, were awakened by armed and masked police officers who broke down their doors at the same time. Berlin police then looked through their belongings and confiscated their electronic devices, including their phones. The simultaneous raid was to deter one from communicating with or warning the other.

On April 8 and 9, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), often referred to as the World Court, will hold hearings on a case brought by Nicaragua against Germany. Managua is accusing Berlin of facilitating genocide and breaches of international law by Israel against Palestinians and seeks to end military aid to the Jewish state.

German Eurofighter jets intercepted a Russian aircraft flying over the Baltic Sea, the NATO member's air force said on Saturday, in the latest example of Russian aircraft passing over the region without a transponder.

The NATO fighter jets took off from the Latvian town of Lielvarde, to the southeast of the capital, Riga, on Saturday, the Luftwaffe said in a statement posted to social media.