"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."  --  Benjamin Franklin

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Last month, electoral politics got a shake-up when staff changes were announced at the Republican National Committee (RNC). Michael Whatley and Lara Trump took over the top spots, with a cascade of other Trump affiliates being announced for positions throughout the organization.

President Trump’s lawyer John Eastman joined Emerald Robinson on The Absolute Truth on Thursday.

Eastman, a widely respected Constitutional attorney, was officially disbarred earlier this week after a California leftist judge ruled he should have his law license stripped for challenging the 2020 election.

Eastman on Thursday asked the judge to pause the disbarment ruling, citing massive legal fees.

A significant uptick has been reported in voter registrations without a photo ID in three critical swing states: Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

The conservative advocacy group End Wokeness brought this trend to light on Tuesday, citing figures that point to a surge since the start of 2024, with Texas experiencing a staggering 1,250,710 such registrations, Pennsylvania with 580,513, and Arizona recording 220,731.

Most Americans remember the 2020 Election—where last-minute rule changes and “irregularities” threw the results into question. Many state election officials allowed strange changes that led some to think the election was undermined.

Some states hurried in the last few years to correct those mistakes. States like Georgia passed sweeping election integrity laws—which outraged Democrat to no end.

In recent months, I have posted a series of article on the deplorable and quite frankly hopeless financial situation the government of the United States is presently in due to reckless and outright irresponsible fiscal policy.

Kari Lake and Mark Finchem appealed their lawsuit to ban the use of electronic voting machines to the United States Supreme Court on Thursday.

This comes after the 2022 election, where 60% of the voting machines were reportedly programmed to fail on election day, causing mass voter disenfranchisement and up to four-hour-long lines for Republican in-person voters.

The filing includes “new allegations,” some of which were previously mentioned in Kari Lake’s lawsuit to overturn the stolen election, including:


James Carville, a seasoned strategist who once spearheaded Bill Clinton's campaign, voiced his apprehension on Sunday regarding the dwindling number of young voters aligning with the Democratic Party.