"A government that neither trusts nor respects its own people cannot trust or respect other nations. What is the domestic policy of enslavement today must be the foreign policy of conquest tomorrow." -- Michael Rivero

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Imagine how toxic the news would have to be for a government to release it on the afternoon of a general election.

That’s exactly what happened in the UK this week.

While the people were busy voting out WEF stooge Rishi Sunak in favor of WEF stooge Keir Starmer, the government was desperately trying to keep this devastating story about the enormous number of children they have killed and maimed under wraps.

The complicit mainstream media might have given them a pass, but we are not going to let them get away with it.

Cancer treatments that aim to destroy deadly cells often cause damage and pain as they wreak havoc on neighboring cells and tissues. However, scientists have discovered a new method of targeting harmful cells using light for precise destruction, according to a recent study.

One of the world’s leading cardiologists has blown the whistle to reveal that President Joe Biden’s mental struggles are actually the result of a brain injury caused by Covid mRNA shots.

Biden’s appearance on film in 2019 and 2024 demonstrates a dramatic decline in cognitive function, memory, retrieval, enunciation, strength of voice, facial expression, gait, wayfinding, and motor skills such as walking up and down stairs, according to Dr. Peter McCullough.

Abortion should be one of the central issues during this election season, because it has enormous implications for our future.  Last year, more than a million abortions were performed in the United States.  That was the first year since 2012 that we have surpassed the one million abortion mark.  Many people thought that the number of abortions would go down once Roe v.

Once-rare deadly brain clots have soared by a staggering 72,200% among people who have received Covid mRNA shots, a bombshell new study has revealed.

A new pre-print study from renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough and several colleagues reveals that Covid “vaccines” are far more dangerous than seasonal flu shots when it comes to inducing cerebral thrombotic syndromes, also known as brain clots.

On June 19, I interviewed Roger Foley – a Canadian with disabilities – on my LifeSiteNews podcast on his ugly experience with Canada’s euthanasia regime. Time and again, he told me, he has been proactively offered euthanasia, even after he confessed to feeling suicidal ideation. At his most vulnerable, he was not offered the help he has been asking for – and is fighting for in court – but rather, a lethal injection.  

He is not the only one.