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Former President Donald Trump is surging with a voter bloc Americans might not expect.

Black voters are flocking to Trump in huge numbers, while simultaneously leaving President Joe Biden, CNN's average of polls showed. 

The totally corrupt Australian “justice system” sentences a man to prison for telling the truth

The Western World has become the most hostile place for truth-tellers. All Western governments are determined to banish truth and replace it with official narratives.

Israel Lobby Knuckles Biden Under

US president is no match for Israel’s lobbyists. How can neoconservatives claim American hegemony over the world when Israel has hegemony over America?

What a weak shameful country America has become.

After Cohen Gets Wrecked by Trumps Lawyers The Media Ends Him with 3 Perfect Words MikeRivero

The criminal case against Donald Trump in New York dragged on this week. The prosecution—led by Democrat Alvin Bragg—put their “star” witness on the stand this week.

Michael Cohen, a former Trump employee, has led the claims that produced this largely panned criminal case.

After testifying against Trump, Cohen faced cross-examination from defense attorneys. And the man trying to get rich and famous by turning on Trump crumbled under the pressure. Even CNN analysts were giving Cohen and the left the bad news.

Trump Unveils Incredible 2024 Move Donald Just Zeroed in on These 2 Untouchable States MikeRivero

Despite tremendous opposition from Democrats, including four criminal cases, Donald Trump’s 2024 chances are looking better and better. Polling suggests he can win critical swing states, taking them from Joe Biden.

After enduring four years with Joe Biden, it appears that voters are eager to flock back to Trump.

Even long-time Democrats are starting to come around. Some polls show “safe” Democrat voting blocs breaking away for the Republican. Voters from unlikely states could be eager to dump Biden. And it seems Trump is making a big play for November.

Blue states are running headfirst into a Marxist brick wall. Despite watching socialism fail again and again around the world, increasingly progressive state legislatures push this system. In some states, they want to bankrupt residents with things like reparations, a $30 minimum wage, and the like.

One state is the poster child for ill-conceived socialist ideas. For years, it has burned through taxpayer dollars to create a “Marxist utopia.”

Judge Merchan has refused to recuse himself from this case, even though there is a huge conflict of interest. But it turns out, it is even worse than that. A Republican congresswoman has revealed another damning tie between this judge and the Democrats’ scheme. This is pretty unbelievable.

From Daily Caller:
Republican Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna revealed Thursday on Fox News that Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter allegedly has ties to Vice President Kamala Harris through a firm that fundraised for the politician…

It is unknown what role he’ll play in the government, in the future. But perhaps he is warming up to Trump’s possible return to the White House. He recently discussed a major issue facing the country. And this MSM reporter was not expecting what he ended up saying.

From Fox News:
Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, argued Wednesday that former President Trump was far better than President Biden at handling the border crisis.

Over a dozen Jewish billionaires working secretly in concert with the Israeli government were part of a private WhatsApp group chat which conspired to push New York City Mayor Eric Adams to crackdown on pro-Palestine protests at Columbia University, according to bombshell leaked chatlogs obtained by the Washington Post.