If there is one victory we can claim here on the internet, it is that we have forever removed the ability of government to lie to their people with impunity. Absent that, there will be fewer wars.

Already we see the elites trying to roll the world back to pre-internet days,  much as the elites in Gutenberg's time tried to roll back his making books affordable to the middle classes. But like that previous effort, the attempt to reverse progress is doomed to fail. The elites will have to adjust to the new reality of a public aware and  on the lookout for their lies, or they will stop being the elites." -- Michael Rivero

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A Delaware private Catholic school teacher has been arrested for sending nude photos to a 14-year-old student on Snapchat, police said.

Alanis Pinion, 24, was teaching eighth grade at St. Mary Magdalen School in Wilmington when the New Castle County Police Department said she “had frequently communicated with her students via Snapchat and had sent sexually explicit photographs to one of them.”

The bad news just keeps on coming for President Joe Biden these days. This was shown once again on Thursday, when a federal appeals court blocked a major Biden administration student loan forgiveness and repayment plan.

Biden’s Department of Education unveiled the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) plan last year. It was meant to be a new income-driven repayment program that aimed to provide affordable payments as well as multiple pathways to loan forgiveness.

Thomas Crooks threatened to 'shoot up' his high school when he was just 15-years-old in an incident that wasn't taken seriously at the time but is now being probed by the FBI, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Federal officers on Thursday visited Crooks's former classmate Vincent Taormina, 20, to quiz him about the shooter's 'hatred' of politicians and the threats he made as a freshman at Bethel Park High School.

Things seemingly keep getting worse for President Joe Biden by the day. He hit a new low-point on Wednesday, when a poll revealed that nearly two-thirds of Americans want him to drop out of the presidential race.

Bellarmine University on Monday suspended an instructor who made an "offensive and unacceptable social media post" related to the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump over the weekend, the school's assistant vice president said in a post.