"The weak are always anxious for justice and equality. The strong pay no heed to either." — Aristotle

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Thanks to a shocking new report, it’s clear that S&P 100 companies have gone alarmingly anti-white and fully racist. How did this happen? What turned these US corporations into advocates for racism? Tracing it back, this disturbing shift has roots in the BLM riots following George Floyd’s death—a career criminal and drug addict, who threatened to murder a pregnant woman while his buddies ransacked and robbed her home.

Initially, this post was just going to be about the recently concluded trial concerning the killing of Ethan Liming (in front of Lebron James's I Promise School in Akron, Ohio), but a few other recent news items fit with the same pattern: since Black Lives Matter riots in 2020, black lives matter more, and white lives matter less in America. Let's look at the evidence behind that statement. 

Authoritarian control freaks out to micromanage our lives have become the new normal or, to be more accurate, the new abnormal when it comes to how the government relates to the citizenry.

A rare and elusive deep sea creature was captured on camera by a high-tech remote submersible in Monterey, CA.

The massive, 33-foot “phantom jellyfish” — a darkly-colored being with ribbon-like “mouth arms” — had been discovered by the remote submarine at a depth of 3,200 feet off the West Coast shore,