"You do not end injustice by being unjust. You do not end racism by being racist. You do not end hate by being hateful. You do not make people free at the point of a gun. You do not bring peace by making war." -- Michael Rivero

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A mother of two has filed a lawsuit after she was labeled a "threat" because she objected to her local elementary school's promotion of being "polysexual" to young children.

Officials with the Thomas More Society say they filed the action in federal court in New Jersey on behalf of Angela Reading, a third-year law student, mother of two and member of her county's regional board of education.

Cuomo said that the case is all about politics, and obviously he is right. It’s just surprising to hear such a common sense opinion coming from someone who has been so openly critical of Trump.
This week, House Republicans passed a bill that aims to give parents more control over the education of their children by increasing transparency.

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reported on the horrible living conditions the January 6th political prisoners are facing after visiting them Friday.

Speaking to RSBN before former President Donald Trump’s Texas rally on Saturday, Greene criticized the DC jail for allegedly violating the prisoners’ right to due process and abusing their human rights.

“I was in the DC jail yesterday…Their due process rights have been violated. They’re being held as political prisoners inside the DC jail. Their hurightsman rights are being abused,” Greene began.

Idaho Governor Signs Bill to Allow Execution By Firing Squad orraz Sun, 03/26/2023 - 12:05
Idaho is now the fifth state in the nation to allow this form of capital punishment, but Utah is currently the only state that has used it in the last four decades.
Cuban Migrants Fly into Florida Keys on Motorized Hang Glider (Video) orraz Sun, 03/26/2023 - 12:05
Two Cuban migrants flew a motorized hang glider, reportedly 90 miles across the Straights of Florida, landing at Key West International Airport Saturday morning. The two were taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies and turned over to Border Patrol agents.
President Trump in Waco: Either the Deep State Destroys America, or We Destroy the Deep State orraz Sun, 03/26/2023 - 12:04
The crowd at tonight’s Trump Rally in Waco, Texas was HUGE. This is the first rally since President Trump announced he was running for office in 2024 and only days after the corrupt Soros-backed DA in New York said that he was going to arrest President Trump on bogus charges.