"One should not wave the flag so furiously before ones face that it becomes a blindfold!" -- Michael Rivero

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Mario Morales-Moreno, 51, was shot and killed in front of his Long Beach, California, home while doing yard work, investigators say

The daughter of a U.S. Army veteran who was killed in front of his California home while doing yard work called for changes to local criminal justice policies critics say have enabled criminals at the expense of victims. 

The ballot initiative should be known as 'The Parent Replacement 

Act,' says the executive director of the Coalition to Protect Kids of New YorkA New York ballot initiative, the Equal Rights Amendment, is facing fierce backlash over its vague language that would reportedly prevent parents from signing off on their child undergoing gender reassignment surgery. 

Police said that the victim suffered from minor injuries from the surprise attack

An Arizona man's departure from a downtown parking garage was cut short after two people allegedly hurled a fire extinguisher from their rooftop, injuring him.

According to the Gilbert Police Department, a man called police after being hit w

Blacks have become just silly. It’s like slapstick comedy. I guess the media is still claiming they are victims, though I think they’ve backed off from that a lot.

Uri Berliner claimed an 'open-minded spirit no longer exists' at the taxpayer -funded outlet

Veteran NPR editor Uri Berliner detailed his employer’s "absence of viewpoint diversity" this week in a stunning piece about liberal groupthink invading the newsroom that rocked the media industry. 

Officials rush to shut down McKees Rocks Bridge after 23 barges break free in Pittsburgh - weeks after disaster that took down Key Bridge in Baltimore MikeRivero

Authorities have been forced to close down the McKees Rocks Bridge after 23 barges reportedly broke free from a tugboat on the Ohio River. 

McKees Rocks Police Department said just after midnight that they would be closing the bridge as a precaution. 

According to the department, there are currently a number of barges that have broken loose heading down the Ohio River.