The cost of food continues to rise in the UK, and the country’s food retailers have warned that price inflation will continue into the foreseeable future. The latest figures show grocery prices are now increasing at their fastest rate on record.
Emilly Santos, a student at Princeton University in New Jersey, is complaining about a new zero-tolerance policy for cheating at her school, which she says is unfair to “minorities” presumably because they cheat more than the majorities.
Despite the calls of many employers for their workers to begin returning to the office, people still aren’t moving to big city centers like they used to. In fact, in many major cities in the United States, especially those located in Democrat-controlled states, more people are moving out.
Readers of The Daily Wire will be pleased to learn that not every university professor supports suppressing the speech of those who challenge political orthodoxy on campus
Allied Van Lines’ Magnet States Report from 2022 revealed information regarding how Americans are moving around the country. It showed that fewer people packed up and moved last year than they did the years before in 2021 and 2020. Moves in general went down in each state across the nation, which led to a 20% drop over the course of 2022.
Artificial intelligence language processing tool ChatGPT has earned worldwide recognition as knowledge workers use the system to complete tasks such as writing emails and fixing computer code in a matter of seconds. But as users realize that the system can serve as an insightful and entertaining conversation partner, many have also noticed that its political views skew leftward.
Facebook and Instagram threatened to permanently ban Project Veritas from the platforms after a journalist from the nonprofit confronted a YouTube executive on why one of their Pfizer sting videos had been removed.