This country has been having a nationwide nervous breakdown since 9/11. A nation of people suddenly broke, the market economy goes to shit, and they’re threatened on every side by an unknown, sinister enemy. But I don't think fear is a very effective way of dealing with things—of responding to reality. Fear is just another word for ignorance.”

- Hunter S. Thompson, gonzo journalist

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Much of Europe has been hit with cold temperatures and heavy snow falls so far this month, taking Europeans by surprise. “Experts” blame warming.

Not “a thing of the past”


Critics slammed actor and director Rob Reiner after he announced his newest project — a film called “God & Country” — decrying the alleged clear and present “danger” presented by Christian Nationalism.


A new study indicates that long-term use of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and that the risk increases the longer the drug is used.