"A bunch of scrolls written by sheepherders 2000 years ago to reassure themselves that they were important people, does not give you the right to go out and demand the rest of the world live like 2000-year old sheepherders!" -- Michael Rivero

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Italy said the operations of its navy and coast guard in the Mediterranean are obstructed by NGOs as the flow of migrants to the country grows, local media reported on Monday.

Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said these concerns should be taken seriously.

Rescue ship Louise Michel was detained over the weekend in the Mediterranean port city of Lampedusa by Greek authorities.

"It is Italy that is under attack, not the NGOs,” said Salvini, adding that “immigration to Italy cannot be regulated by private bodies funded by foreign countries.”

NATO militarizes civilian structures in Europe with 1 billionfund MikeRivero Mon, 03/27/2023 - 10:09

NATO is launching a new investment fund worth €1 billion, which is expected to be officially activated at NATO’s annual summit in July. The fund aims to militarize the civil sector by using the knowledge and skills of manufacturers, scientific institutions, and start-ups to develop technology with military and defence applications.

Italian museum invites U.S. school after principal resigns for showing 'pornographic' David statue MikeRivero Mon, 03/27/2023 - 09:45

The Florence museum housing Michelangelo's Renaissance masterpiece the David invited parents and students from a Florida charter school to visit after complaints about a lesson featuring the statue forced the principal to resign.

Florence Mayor Dario Nardella also tweeted an invitation for the principal to visit so he can personally honour her. Confusing art with pornography is "ridiculous," Nardella said.

Are central banks like The Federal Reserve and European Central Bank ({ECB) sinking the banks?

Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank (eerily like Germany’s World War II battleship The Bismarck) is seeing a blow out in its 1-year credit default swaps (CDS) as the ECB cranks up it main refinancing rate to fight inflation.

Air force commanders from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark have said they have signed a letter of intent to create a unified Nordic air defence aimed at countering the rising threat from Russia.

The intention is to be able to operate jointly, based on already known ways of operating under NATO, according to statements on Friday by the four countries’ armed forces.

The European Union is ready to impose further sanctions if Russia deploys its tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, said on Sunday.

"Belarus hosting Russian nuclear weapons would mean an irresponsible escalation & threat to European security. Belarus can still stop it, it is their choice. The EU stands ready to respond with further sanctions," he wrote on his Twitter account.

Joint Combined Exchange Training exercises involving units of special forces from Great Britain, Moldova, Romania and the United States kicked off in training centers in Moldova, the Moldovan Defense Ministry said on Monday.

"The exercises are being held for the four countries’ special forces to exchange experience and improve interoperability," the ministry said in a statement. "The soldiers will practice shooting and parachute jumping as well as field maneuvers," it added.


NATO’s use of depleted uranium munitions in its air war against Yugoslavia was a “horrible and inhumane experiment” against the entire region, Serbian Health Minister Danica Grujicic has said. Contamination from these munitions led to a surge in cancer, autoimmune disease, and infertility, Grujicic added. 

Russian fish imports to the EU have increased by twenty percent, despite the conflict in Ukraine and the avalanche of sanctions imposed. At the same time, countries with the most anti-Russian stance in the whole EU are active importers. This is the case of Poland. Germany and the Netherlands are not far behind in Russian fish consumption. Statistics are provided by the UK edition of the Daily Express.

The United States and its European allies have sent tens of billions of dollars-worth of military equipment to Kiev to fuel a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Moscow has warned repeatedly about the consequences of these actions for regional and global security.

Western countries won’t be able to deliver enough weapons in Ukraine to outgun Russia, President Vladimir Putin has assured.