"If all that Americans want is security, they can go to prison. They'll have enough to eat, a bed and a roof over their heads. But if an American wants to preserve his dignity and his equality as a human being, he must not bow his neck to any dictatorial government." -- President Dwight D. Eisenhower

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away — but at this point medical bills might be cheaper.

A Boston-based influencer has sparked outrage over inflation after claiming she paid $7 for a single apple at a Whole Foods.

The woman, who goes by the username @via..li, posted a video about her pricey purchase to her page, which has since been re-shared on various social media platforms.


Actor John Leguizamo isn’t happy that former President Donald Trump is gaining ground with Hispanic voters. But he also admitted that he understands why record inflation has driven so many of them away from Joe Biden.

In a clip from what appears to be an upcoming episode of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, guest star John Leguizamo devoted an extended segment to Hispanic voters who are rejecting Democrats to cast their lot with Trump.

Just four days ago, the Biden administration launched a new line of attack against former President Donald Trump and his campaign trail promise to hike tariffs if he is elected in November.

President Joe Biden called on his administration to ratchet up pressure on the Chinese steel industry as he brings his economic competition pitch to Pittsburgh, the heart of the American steel industry, on Wednesday, part of a three-day campaign trail swing through battleground Pennsylvania.

by James Hickman via Schiff Sovereign

It’s barely six months into the US government’s ‘fiscal year’ (which started on October 1, 2023) and the federal budget deficit is already $1.1 trillion.

This number is utterly astonishing.