"Corporations have taken over the government and turned it against its own people." -- Ralph Nader, The Progressive magazine, April 2000, p39

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US big banks reel as earnings disappoint, sending stocks into turbulent descent. alexmark
We’re going down! After May’s MoM deflationary impulse (thanks to a plunge in energy costs), June was expected to see a modest 0.1% rise (and we have seen energy prices starting to rise again). Sure enough, headline PPI printed HOT at +0.2% MoM (and May was revised higher), pushing the YoY print up to 2.6% (well above the 2.3% expected)…

The Biden Administration has been trying for the past couple of years to get people to adopt technology that is not fully ready for the purposes they intend it to be for.

States are beginning to rebel at this notion of replacing every car on the road with an electric one.

Virginia is one of the states that has the sense to see that this is something that at this point, as I said earlier, is nothing more than a good idea.

Grocery inflation is slowing, and the companies that make the food are starting to sweat.

As part of their quarterly earnings reports Thursday, snack powerhouses PepsiCo and Conagra Brands reported lower revenue and unit sales, pointing to cost-conscious consumers pushing back on prices. And government data reflects the trend: the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that food prices rose only slightly last month.

Will Debt Sink The American Empire? Ladylove

So asks the Wall Street Journal, in an uncharacteristically gloomy article for the bull market's paper of record.

They kick off with the problem: America is "cruising" into an uncharted sea of federal debt, with a government seemingly incapable of turning it around.In other words, the uniparty has set its course, and there's no cavalry coming.

Following Wednesday’s unsuccessful coup, observers have raised suspicion that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was part of the master plan. Users on X, formerly known as Twitter, speculated that the coup attempt was secretly backed by the CIA, either because of Bolivia’s vast supplies of lithium, in retaliation for its closeness to Russia or its hostility to Israel. One X user said: “This is the second CIA-backed coup plot against the Bolivian state in under five years.