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Webmaster addition: It is important to understand that feeding propaganda to social media is big business! So if you are wondering how anyone could be so stupid as to believe Biden is doing a great job, they probable aren't; they are just being paid to post that! Please forward this story everywhere!


From the New York Times news section, an exercise in pounding home the Democrats’ talking point that the late May 2020 explosion in gun murders was due to the pandemic. The pandemic was the cause. The cause was the pandemic. Pandemic, pandemic, pandemic.

Number of times mentioned by NYT:

Washington’s interventionist and bipartisan foreign policy blob in recent weeks has pushed two new and despotic pieces of legislation. Both are designed to consolidate even more federal power in the name of combatting various alleged foreign enemies. 

Tapper previously pushed the infamous Steele dossier and Russiagate story which accused Trump of having ties to Russia. Tapper was even rewarded with the Merriman Smith Award for his coverage.

The first thought that came to mind while watching, albeit very reluctantly, a video of Secretary of State Antony Blinken “rocking out” on his guitar in a bar in Kiev was: What is wrong with these people?