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Established Track Record: The website has been in continuous operation since 1994, has excellent readership numbers, and established name value.

Numbers: Similarweb reports that currently delivers half a million visits every month. Over 80% of those are from within the United States. Our Radio Audience has been estimated at 750,000.

 Demographics: Our audience is 59% male listeners, women 41% Average Annual Income of our readers is $100,000.00 plus. Our audience broken down by age is 35-49, 35%, Age 50+, 36% .

Our servers report better than 820,000 impressions per month for our banner ads.

Education level of our readership is: 47% college graduates, 24% have attended graduate school.



By advertising on you help support our work to inform our world-wide audience of the issues that affect their lives, in particular the economic realities, corporate malfeasance, political corruption, and of course, the endless wars of conquest being waged by the United States across the globe. We are not funded by any corporations or NGOs. We rely on advertisers and donations to pay our bills.


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Prior to becoming a webmaster and talk-show host, Michael Rivero spent decades in the commercial production industry, winning numerous awards. He brings that experience to bear in designing effective and attention-grabbing banner ads for your campaign.

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Recently some other web sites that seem to garner more click-throughs than we do have been caught cheating. One company, Limited Run, hired experts to analyze their ad clicks from Facebook and discovered that 4 out of every 5 ad clicks were coming from automated robots.

WRH does not use any kind of system to artificially inflate the number of clicks you are receiving, nor do we encourage our readers to gratuitously click the links.

Every click you receive through us is from a real live human being who is genuinely interested in your product.


Until recently, we relied on the Alexa web ranking service to provide information to advertisers. However, starting in August, we began to see our Alexa rankings drop even as our own local server logs showed a steady increase in traffic. Apparently Alexa, owned by Amazon, which is currently in a $600 million contractural relationship with the CIA, has been caught artifically lowering the rankings of websites critical of the US Government, while simultaneously inflating the rankings of pro-government blogs. As such, we no longer use Alexa for our traffic numbers and ranking.