The Death Of John Kennedy

There have been two official investigations. One concluded Oswald acted alone, the other that there was a conspiracy. After forty years, many of the key documents which could tell the whole story remain classified. Why, if it is an open and shut case? Why the secrecy, if Oswald was just a "crazed lone gunman"?


NEW! Video shows Kennedy's Secret Service ordered to stand down. Note the two Secret Service men walking on either side of the car would have been in an ideal position to protect Kennedy when the shooting started, but as this video shows, were ordered back into the Secret Service car following JFK's car. One agent clearly expresses confusion at this order.

New study confirms HSCA conclusion of more than three gunshots and shot from Grassy Knoll.

The House Select Commitee on Assassinations concluded that John F. Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy based on the recording of the gunshots fired in Dealey Plaza, captured over a police radio. A total of 7 impulses were caught on the tape, but citing budgetary constraints, the HSCA only had 4 of them analysed. The analysis concluded that all 4 were gunshots, two of them occuring within 1/2 a second of each other, too close to be fired by one man. Comparisons of the echoes with test shots fired in Deakel Plaza confirmed that at least one of the recorded shots had indeed been fired from the Grassy Knoll. Needless to say, the existance of 5, rather than just 3, gunshots destroyed the Oswald as lone gunman cover-up. Warren supporters quickly tried to dismiss the audio record of the gunshots by claiming that the recording was actually of gunshots in another part of the city, and confused for Dealey Plaza shots because of a timing error. Without explaining just where the other shots had occured, or why the echo patterns matched matched the test shots fired in Dealey Plaza, the Warren supporters declared victory. New research has shown that the report that dismissed the audio recording of the gunshots was itself deeply flawed, and ignored evidence that confirmed both the locatrion and time of the recording as being in Dealey Plaza at the time of the JFK assassination. This means that the original House Select Committee on Assassinations conclusion is the correct one. There were at least four gunshots in Dealey Plaza, two of them within 1/2 second of each other, and at least one of the shots came from the Grassy Knoll.

Dan Rather's "fib"

Dan Rather, at the time an unknown newscaster from a small market Texas TV station, viewed the Zapruder film, then described it to America on the CBS network. As this recording of that broadcast shows, Rather lied to all of America in claiming that the head shot pushed John F. Kennedy's head forward. Rather's meteoric rise to network status and stardom soon followed. When the Zapruder film was finally shown publicly, during Jim Garrison's trial of CIA agent Clay Shaw, Rather's lie was revealed for all to see. Sound file provided by

JFK Researchers Honored.

Why Nixon resigned instead of facing impeachment.



Dead witnesses.

[Kennedy Motorcade]Click for full size picture.

[Zapruder Segment ]

The photos from Post Magazine: Proof the media lies to the public.

Click for eyewitness report of gunshots from grassy knoll. Video file courtesy of Liberty Think

Click for Oswald's voice. Microsoft Wave format. (86.8K) Click here for a wav file of Lee Harvey Oswald claiming he was just a patsy.

Click for HCSA evidence. Wave format(140.9K) This was the evidence which led the House Select Committee on Assassinations to conclude that there had indeed been a conspiracy in the murder of John Kennedy.

Click for complete Zapruder film.

Click for Zapruder film focusing on the driver at extreme right.

Click for Zapruder frames 186-207.Note the little girl in the background who stops running to look off to the left, suggesting a gunshot far earlier than the Warren Report claimed.

JFK Head X-ray

[Oswald]Click for full size frame. (100K)

This is the X-ray plate from page 170 of the book, Mortal Error, showing bullet fragments still inside JFK's skull. This photo is posted here in reference to the claim that a .38 unjacketed lead slug penetrated Vincent Foster's skull without leaving any fragments at all!