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Oct 17 20:42

Police Keep Antifa Away From Columbus Statues By Taping Job Applications Onto Them

U.S.—Antifa factions nationwide had planned a “deface Columbus day,” on which they intended to deface and destroy statues of Christopher Columbus Monday, but authorities in many cities got the better of the radical far-left groups with a brilliant idea: by adhering legitimate job applications all over their local Columbus statues, they virtually guaranteed that Antifa groups would not approach them.

Oct 17 20:34

It was all planned': Arrest at courthouse leads to confrontation

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — An Oklahoma man who was attempting to attend the Oklahoma County Budget meeting Thursday left in handcuffs instead.

Ray Adam Modisette went to the courthouse with a group of people. They told FOX 25 he was hoping to talk to officials at the meeting about the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s response and actions surrounding the Sheriff’s Office relationship with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“I’m here for a budget board meeting so I can talk to the county about Sheriff P.D. Taylor releasing an illegal immigrant rapist into our community,” Modisette said during his arrest.

Oct 17 20:24

Democrats Storm Out Of Syria Meeting After Getting Into Shouting Match With Trump Over Whether A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democrats House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer all stormed out of the meeting on Syria with President Donald Trump, each side accusing the other of being “unhinged.” Apparently, the meeting broke down when Trump suggested they all order lunch and get “sandwiches.” When asked what type of sandwich he wanted, Trump suggested “hot dogs.”

Oct 17 19:31

#Culiacán, Mexico Chaos

Various mixed reports from #Culiacan. Apparently El Chapo’s oldest son Ivan Archivaldo was captured or killed. Some reports say that the narcos are trying to rescue him from the marines. Others say that they are doing this as a response to his death.

Oct 17 18:19

Proposed Federal Vaping Ban Is Bigger Than Vaping

By John Michaels

The Trump administration is aggressively pushing an unconstitutional ban on all flavored vape products after reports that over 1,000 people have become ill and roughly two-dozen people have died, supposedly from “vaping.”

Vaping has been called an “epidemic” even though vaping has been around for over 10 years with no prior reports of anything like this ever happening. In contrast, if we examine the number of lung cancer deaths from smoking cigarettes between 2005 and 2010 we see that over 130,000 people have died from this life choice...

Oct 17 18:07

Property Rights Are What Separate Humans from the Animal Kingdom

By Gary M. Galles

As someone who has studied public policy for decades, I have frequently been struck by how many people are so committed to their favorite ism or “answer” on an issue that they will ignore powerful contradictory analysis and evidence that is only a couple easy keystrokes away, or even when it is right in front of them.

A good example of this willful ignorance is the frequency with which opponents of capitalism reiterate dog-eat-dog, “survival of the fittest,” and jungle as descriptors when they open their cornucopia of calumny...

Oct 17 18:01

China Reveals 9 New Weapons Systems in Beijing

Oct 17 17:55

Indian Architect Creates New “Algae Tiles” That Can Scrub Toxins, Pollution From Wastewater

By Elias Marat

An Indian architect has created a new ceramic- and algae-based tile that can be made into walls that purify waters polluted by dyes and chemicals.

Shneel Malik, a doctoral candidate at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, developed the modular wall system dubbed Indus due to India’s ongoing problem with water polluted by toxic dyes and heavy metals, India Times reports.

When Malik, who hails from New Delhi, traveled to other parts of the country in 2016, she noticed that many small-scale jewelry workers and textile dyers were releasing such toxic chemicals as cadmium, lead and arsenic into local waters, polluting not only water sources but also the soil, air, and communities living there for entire generations...

Oct 17 15:59

'Blood will flow in Hong Kong': Prominent Chinese dissident warns Beijing is 'determined' to quell unrest and urges US President Trump to step in after a leading activist was smashed with iron hammers by a masked gang

A prominent Chinese dissident has warned that Beijing is 'determined' to quell anti-government unrest in Hong Kong which has gone on for more than four months.

'The Communist Party is determined to let blood flow in Hong Kong', warned Wang Dan, one of the student leaders of a series of protests on Tiananmen Square in 1989, which saw Beijing sending troops and tanks into the capital to crush the pro-democracy movement.

He also urged the United States and President Trump to step in 'as soon as possible' and 'save Hong Kong'.

Oct 17 15:51

Stocks Are Preparing For a Blow Off Top

Oct 17 15:49

Hardline PM Viktor Orban warns Hungary will 'use force' to fend off a new wave of migrants if Turkey delivers on its threat to allow refugees to flood into Europe

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has warned he will 'use force' to fend off migrants if Turkey delivered on its threat to allow 3.6million refugees to flood into Europe.

Orban built a steel fence on Hungary's border with Serbia to seal off the Balkans route of migration, where hundreds of thousands of people marched through from the Middle East to Western Europe at the peak of the crisis in 2015.

'If Turkey sets off further hundreds of thousands (on top of those it has already), then we will need to use force to protect the Hungarian border and the Serbian-Hungarian frontier and I do not wish for anyone that we should need to resort to that,' Orban said Wednesday night.

Oct 17 15:44

A boost for workers’ rights that could win Labour round: Boris Johnson pledges set ‘highest possible standards’ into LAW – despite Jeremy Corbyn saying deal is a ‘race to the bottom’

Moderate Labour MPs could be persuaded to back the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal after he offered a series of sweeteners on workers’ rights.

Speaking in Brussels last night, Boris Johnson said he would ‘gladly’ make a commitment to maintain the ‘highest possible standards’ on environmental and social protections.

And the Daily Mail understands that Downing Street is now offering to write them into the Withdrawal Agreement Bill to make them legally binding.

Oct 17 15:43

Jeremy Corbyn rejects PM’s ‘sell-out deal’… 26 minutes before it is published! Labour leader is criticised for trashing agreement won by Boris Johnson without reading it

Jeremy Corbyn was criticised for rejecting Boris Johnson’s EU deal soon after it was announced yesterday – almost half an hour before the details were revealed.

The Labour leader, who has repeatedly promised to deliver the people’s wishes on Brexit, claimed the deal ‘should be rejected’ shortly after Mr Johnson revealed that an agreement had been reached.

He described it as a ‘sell-out deal’ – even though the legal text of the withdrawal deal was not actually published for another 26 minutes.

Mr Corbyn also confirmed he would support a referendum on the deal before it comes into effect – a proposition that would delay Britain’s leaving date further.

Oct 17 15:37

If MPs snatch disaster from the jaws of victory, they'll never be forgiven

So what exactly is new about this deal? First, there is a new 'protocol' to obviate the need for the Irish backstop.

Northern Ireland would remain in the UK customs territory but stay closely aligned to the European single market. Significantly, it would also benefit from any new trade deals we strike, giving it the best of both worlds.

There would be no border checks on the island of Ireland, but goods travelling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland would be subject to customs inspection.

If those goods were to be sold on to an EU country, the UK would collect tariffs on the bloc's behalf.

This is, of course, a delicate change, as some argue it places a customs barrier down the Irish Sea.

Oct 17 15:34

Boris' Brexit deal overwhelmingly backed by Brits...MPs told JUST DO IT! – Exclusive poll

In a further sign that the public is fed up with the Brexit deadlock the ComRes poll showed that nearly half of Remainers how agree that Mr Johnson’s agreement means it is time to leave the EU. Overall, some 40 per cent of voters said they support Mr Johnson’s deal compared to 31 per cent who don’t.

The comprehensive survey, which was carried out today, also showed that almost nine in ten (85 per cent) future Conservative voters support the new Brexit deal, as do more than half of Brexit Party voters (54 per cent), approaching one in five Lib Dem voters (17 per cent) and one in ten Labour voters (13 per cent).

Two thirds of 2016 Leavers say they support Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal (66 per cent), as do one in five 2016 Remainers (19 per cent).

Oct 17 14:45

US & Russia work together to end conflict in Syria

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris examine how the Russian and US military appear to be coordinating their moves in Syria so as to prevent Turkey from moving further into Northern Syria, while using diplomacy to bring the Kurds into the framework of a united Syria.

According to AMN (, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Mark Milley and Russian Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov held a phone conversation on Monday to discuss the situation in Syria, the JCS press service said.

“The two military leaders exchanged their views on issues of mutual concern in Syria,” the JCS said in a statement. “The two leaders have agreed to keep the specific details of their conversation secret.”

The Russian Defense Ministry issued a similar statement earlier in the day, providing no details as well.

Oct 17 12:56

Israel prepares to turn Bedouin citizens into refugees in their own country

Jonathan Cook highlights Israel’s ongoing policy of forcing its Bedouin citizens into ghettos as a half-way house to their eventual ethnic cleansing, most recently a plan to forcibly evict nearly 40,000 Bedouin from their homes into ghettos — “the largest expulsion in decades”. >>