"A government that neither trusts nor respects its own people cannot trust or respect other nations. What is the domestic policy of enslavement today must be the foreign policy of conquest tomorrow." -- Michael Rivero

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A House subcommittee is exposing the Transportation Security Administration’s decision to let Cuban agents visit a U.S. airport and tour agency facilities, a potentially embarrassing episode for the Biden administration as polls show Latino voters are up for grabs in the 2024 election.

According to reports, Chinese coastguard officials recently seized a Taiwanese fishing vessel near the Kinmen islands, which are situated close to the Chinese cities of Xiamen and Quanzhou. The Taiwanese boat was fishing for squid outside Taipei-controlled waters off the Kinmen islands when it was boarded and seized by two Chinese maritime administration boats. The boat had six crew members onboard, including the captain and several migrant workers from Indonesia. Taiwan has urged China to release the boat and its crew.

I'm sick and tired of filtering through the crap posted by so called members who have figured out how to post garbage on the main feed of this website.  As a longtime user of the website trying to help counter the corporate-psychopath propaganda I really just can't stand the useless posts by those members who DO NOT respect that this website belongs to Mike and Claire.  I hate every one of you and if we ever meet in person I will firmly express myself by placing my boot as far up your ass as possible to let you know how unwelcome your contributions have been!