A mom who was cuffed by cops at Uvalde before she was able to save her two sons from the gunman at Robb Elementary has claimed officers have been harassing her since the massacre.

The Texas elementary school shooting on May 24 left 19 children and two teachers dead. 

On the day of the shooting, Angeli Rose Gomez rushed to the school and saved her kids even though officers tried to stop her.

During an appearance on Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News’ “The Story,” Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) condemned Uvalde Police Chief Peter Arredondo as not “very credible,” asserting that “most of what he has said” about the Uvalde school shooting was proven false “by actual evidence.”

Mike Rowe, everyday working-class hero and host of the Fox Business show “How America Works,” joined HBO Host Bill Maher in a bit of mockery involving the Washington Post.

In case you missed the online saga involving the Post, one of its more prominent writers, Dave Weigel, and another reporter, Felicia Sonmez, well … consider yourself lucky.

Weigel retweeted – meaning he did not write, but merely shared – a joke from a comedian about women and Sonmez replied by demanding punitive action from their employer – which resulted in an all-out Twitter war with the newsroom.

It’s the summer of 2022 — and where are all those Durham indictments you were promised? And where's that much-discussed Durham report? Do you know that you’ve been played for a fool yet — or are you still watching Fox News? Maybe you need another year to figure out the entire game. Maybe you still believe Bill Barr! Didn’t that legendary windbag tell us that the wheels of justice grind very slow but justice is coming?

Let’s turn back the clock two years — in case you forgot what AG Bagpipes promised the American public.

Scott interviews Max Blumenthal about what’s been happening between Paul Mason and The Grayzone. Mason is a British Trotskyist turned Neocon who never stopped identifying with the left. He has built up a reputation in British media as a leftist while building relationships with British intelligence officials. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mason decided to wage an all-out war on any media establishments that showed even a hint of skepticism towards the pro-NATO narrative of the war.

Accusations of Russia’s forceful abduction of minors from Donbass, contained in the Verkhovna Rada’s address to the UN, are a cynical lie, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Saturday.