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World War 3: The Catalyst For A New World Order Ladylove

Authored by Nick Giambruno via InternationalMan.com,

The F-22 Raptor is the best air dominance warplane in the world.

It’s the top dog fighter jet.

Democrats are staying coy on how long they've known President Biden's cognitive decline left him unsuited to lead the top of their ticket, though they had glowing praise for his decision to step aside. 

Rep. Pete Aguilar, chair of the Democratic Caucus, thanked Biden for his 'patriotism in the most challenging of circumstances.'

Biden should resign immediately. Every day he stays in office, Kamala and her West Wing co-conspirators are still complicit. -- Who do they think they’re fooling? -- By dropping out of the 2024 race, Biden has finally admitted that his age and his apparent decline prohibit him from fulfilling the job of president one day longer. -- He wasn’t even able to face the cameras to declare his withdrawal on Sunday, instead sending in his notice via a letter posted in a Tweet.
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A cell phone associated with the home and work addresses of would-be assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks visited the Gallery Place building in Washington, D.C., that houses a mall and offices of the FBI, the Heritage Oversight Project reported July 22.

The Oversight Project, part of the Heritage Foundation, began a geo-location investigation hours after the July 13 attempted assassination of former President Donald J. Trump at a fairground in Butler, Pennsylvania.