"Dismissing criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic is like dismissing criticism of the Nazis as anti-Germanic." --
Michael Rivero

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76-minute video: Need to Know News: lucid analysis of Trump assassination attempt (July 14, 2024) Carl_Herman
Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Brian Davidson, former Secret Service Agent John Carman and I discuss the July 13 “assassination attempt” on President Trump. We sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute (censored on YouTube). Topics and stories informing our analysis: 1. “Shot heard ‘round the world”? A grazed ear and dead shooter? This is war Close-up of Trump’s ear Secret Service Confirms One Trump Rally Attendee Dead and Two Critically Injured Dead attendee? 2.
52-minute video: Need to Know News: lucid analysis of current events (July 14, 2024) Carl_Herman
Brian Davidson and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute and (censored on YouTube). Topics and stories informing analysis of today’s news: 1. Israel’s Orwellian-illegal ongoing War of Aggression on Gaza within US rogue state empire, “unreliable reporting”/propaganda, and WW3 scare: The Old Evil Israel Orders the Evacuation of Gaza City Atrocity amnesia undercuts UN commission report US State Dept.
New York Times calls assassination attempt on Trump antithetical to America unewsy
'Ballots, not bullets, should always be the means by which Americans work through their differences,' the NYT editorial board said The New York Times called the assassination attempt on former President Trump "antithetical" to the idea of America in an editorial published Saturday evening.
Tale of two conventions: GOP united behind Trump while Dems in disarray unewsy
Having survived the most serious effort yet to stop him, Trump is at top of his gam
Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List MikeRivero

In the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump getting shot at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, numerous left-leaning news organizations posted headlines that obviously did not match what had clearly been observed and recorded on video. The headlines seemed designed to make Trump seem weak or minimize the seriousness of the event.

The corporate media have spent the last decade singling out one man for an unprecedented hate campaign, and on a beautiful Saturday evening in Pennsylvania, that hate campaign almost paid off.

Yesterday, on July 13, 2024, President Trump narrowly escaped a bullet fired by a would-be assassin during a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. The outcome would have been devastating if not for his fortunate glance to the right.  This blatant assassination attempt in broad daylight reeks of radical Leftist or deep state involvement, a direct result of the baseless hate campaign against Trump for the past eight years.