"Americans have the will to resist because they have weapons. If you don't have a gun, freedom of speech has no power." -- Yoshimi Ishikawa, Japanese author, in the LA Times 15 Oct 1992

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EU antitrust investigators have raided energy drink maker Red Bull over suspicions it abused its dominance in the wildly popular market, officials said Tuesday.

Red Bull said EU Commission officials "visited our premises" on Monday.

"We will, of course, work with them on all matters that concern them," the company said in a statement, declining to comment further.

The EU's executive arm said earlier its teams carried out unannounced inspections Monday "at the premises of a company active in the energy drinks sector in various member states".

The pharmaceutical company Moderna, which has already received over $10 billion in taxpayer funds for the development of its COVID-19 vaccine, could receive even more public money at the request of the Biden Administration.

True Stories Could Fuel Hesitancy: Stanford Project Worked to Censor Even True Stories on Social Media MikeRivero Wed, 03/22/2023 - 08:59

While lost in the explosive news about Donald Trump’s expected arrest, journalist Matt Taibbi released new details on previously undisclosed censorship efforts on social media. The latest Twitter Files revealed a breathtaking effort from Stanford’s Virality Project to censor even true stories. After all, the project insisted “true stories … could fuel hesitancy” over taking the vaccine or other measures.

Under the 1984 Bayh-Dole Act, government scientists can collect royalties from drug companies for discoveries they make while working on the public’s dime

Taxpayers fund government research, while Big Pharma, the National Institutes of Health and NIH scientists keep all the profits

As a patent holder who profits from royalties, the NIH has a significant stake in regulations that impact patents and vaccine mandates, and may use its influence to benefit itself rather than the public

Another Scientific Study finds myocarditis to be a potentially lethal complication following mRNA-based anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.

The reason autopsies are not done in the case of vaccine-related deaths is to prevent the information from coming out that the Covid “vaccine” is deadly. 

Once the COVID diagnosis was made, there was no chance for me to see my brother. The hospital permitted no visitors to COVID patients. Eventually, I couldn’t even talk to him on the phone, because the machines in the room made it hard for him to hear what I was saying. So there was little I could do. I told two different doctors and two different nurses that I absolutely forbid the use of Remdesivir. They argued, but agreed to go with my wishes.

Last we heard from former Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd and his deep-dive partners at Phinance Technologies, the rate of Serious Adverse Events reported during Covid-19 vaccine trials closely tracked a spike in disabilities reported following the vaccine's official rollout.

FDA wants children as young as six months old to get four doses of deadly spike proteins.
Dr. Wade Hamilton is here to talk about the anti-science left that has no legitimate basis to jab our kids.
Myocarditis is surging in vaxxed children as more and more young people die.

'iPhone autocorrect is literally ruining my life': Users complain Apple's text feature is 'atrocious' in the latest iOS update - here's how to tweak your keyboard malterwitty Tue, 03/21/2023 - 11:50

One social media user claimed that her device attempted to change 'burden' to 'Biden' when typing, while another alleged her phone always adds a 'z' when trying to select an apostrophe.

'Not trying to sound dramatic but iPhone autocorrect is literally ruining my life,' one person tweeted.

Another added: 'Is it me or is iPhone autocorrect actually atrocious? It keeps correcting words that are spelled correctly to a better meaning (ie food to good) even tho I had it correct?'