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"Power’s not a chalice. It’s a hammer. And it only does one thing. Power smashes. The subtext of all power is extortion. It’s always the threat of force, of imprisonment, the threat of death. Always." -- Adam Skelter, Prophet Margin: The Benefit of the Doubt


A fan who made a Hitler salute at an Australian soccer match was banned for life on Wednesday, with the sport’s governing body saying it had zero tolerance for “offensive behavior.”

The man, who has not been named publicly, was among a group of supporters at the Australia Cup final in Sydney on Saturday caught on camera making fascist gestures and reportedly chanting far-right Croatian songs.

Football Australia said one spectator has been identified and handed a lifetime ban from any future games it sanctions, including national team, A-League and Australia Cup fixtures.


The US Space Force and the Australian Department of Defence have announced the initial operational capability of the Space Surveillance Telescope.

The achievement follows extensive tests and assessments since 2020 when the telescope was relocated from New Mexico to Australia.

The Australian government is investing 500 million Australian dollars ($325 million) in next-generation weapons and equipment for the Australian Defence Forces.

Major General Andrew Bottrell said an agreement had been signed with Queensland-based firm NIOA for the service’s Lethality System Project Tranche 1.


This video was filmed in a military block in Afghanistan in 2012 and shows Australian commandos discussing plans to meet a 'kill quota' of 10 - as they are preparing for an operation. The “Quota” is also reportedly referred to as kill count. In another clip, an Australian soldier is seen in a moving helicopter, firing at several unarmed Afghan civilians in a residential compound.

Some Australian military forces have also confirmed that compelling evidence exists of Australian soldiers murdering handcuffed detainees and prisoners to add to their kill count.

Dressed in their finest suits and ties with their top hats facing the camera, these men and women are posing for expensive pictures. But behind his neat appearance lie guilty eyes that hide some of the most horrific crimes the police dealt with in those days.

These are mugshots of Australian convicts who were dealt with by police in the 1920s and 1930s for murders, burglaries, thefts and other crimes.

Climate Change Skepticism Categorized as a Mental Disorder: Australian Study MikeRivero Wed, 09/21/2022 - 09:27

A team of psychological researchers from Australia is delving into the mindset of those who refuse to buy the notion that man-made climate change is quickly creating an unlivable, barren wasteland on Earth. Researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast looked to explain why such “cranks” continue to deny what they call “the reality of climate change, its causes, impacts and the need for mitigatory action.”

In 2020, a high-level Brereton inquiry report found the unlawful killing of civilians by elite Australian commandos in Afghanistan during their operation between 2006 and 2015. The report revealed that senior officials instructed young commandos to execute detainees, which they described as “blooding” of young troops.

The 2nd Commando Regiment, a special forces unit of the Australian Army, has been captured in several videos showing them discussing killing unarmed civilians in cold blood in Afghanistan during their nine years of operations.

Undertakers in Australia are experiencing high demand for their services with people dying in abnormally high numbers in a “worrying” trend doctors can’t explain. Daily Mail Australia has the story.