"Corporations have taken over the government and turned it against its own people." -- Ralph Nader, The Progressive magazine, April 2000, p39

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One of the longest waiting periods of the Ukraine war has finally ended, as the Western powers announced, during the NATO summit in DC, that the first F-16 jet fighters are arriving and will be operational during the summer—leaving the expectation of an operational start in less than six weeks.

Kiev will finally get the fourth-generation fighter jets to fight Russia — but in far fewer numbers than it had hoped and asked.

Vice President Harris is the most obvious successor to President Biden should he withdraw from the Democratic ticket amid mounting pressure, a situation that would immediately raise the question of who would be Harris’s running mate.

Here are some of the possible picks.

The Kremlin on Saturday warned that the deployment of US missiles in Germany could make European capitals targets for Russian missiles in a repeat of Cold War-style confrontation.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke of a "paradox" in which "Europe is a target for our missiles, our country is a target for US missiles in Europe".

"We have enough capacity to contain these missiles but the potential victims are the capitals of these countries," he said, speaking to Russian state television channel Russia 1.

Social media users took to X on Saturday after former President Trump survived an assassination attempt at an outdoor rally in rural Pennsylvania. The consensus is that this was the result of a massive Secret Service failure. Some, such as Sean Davis from The Federalist, are reporting that the Biden administration has been hamstringing Trump’s Secret Service detail by not giving it the resources necessary to keep the former president safe. Others are positing that something far more malevolent is going on.

Like the German army in the summer of 1918, the Democrats are in rabid disarray.  On paper, they still command impressive force.  They continue to jail their political  opponents and shower Donald Trump with potentially lethal legal shrapnel.

President Joe Biden's halting and shaky showing at the debate has turned into a week as he was taken to task by a group of center-left House Democrats during a call late Saturday afternoon that was intended to be a softball outreach effort with centrist members of the party.

Sources describe the meeting, which was meant as an opportunity to assuage fears of Biden's fitness for office and temper party defections, as everything from "tense" to "awful."

A defiant President Joe Biden insisted to his donors on Monday that he is “done talking about the debate” and implored the party to ignore any further distractions and direct its attention back to Donald Trump.

“We need to move forward. Look, we have roughly 40 days til the convention, 120 days til the election. We can’t waste any more time being distracted,” Biden said in a private call with donors Monday, according to a recording obtained by POLITICO.

US and UK warplanes launched several airstrikes on Hodeidah International Airport in western Yemen in the overnight and early Friday hours. "US–British aircraft targeted Hodeidah International Airport with three raids," a security source told Yemen’s SABA news agency. 

F-16 fighter jets to be transferred by the West to Kiev will be based inside Ukraine, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters.

“The F-16s will be based in Ukraine,” he said.

The official didn’t provide details when asked whether the F-16s in Ukraine’s possession will take off from NATO bases when operating against Russian forces.