"By way of deception, thou shalt do war." -- Motto of the Mossad

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Beryl was downgraded to a tropical storm late Monday morning as moved inland, but the storm was still wreaking havoc along its journey farther into Texas. The storm center passed just outside the Houston metro area, pummeling the nation's fourth-largest metro area with hours of wind gusts over 70-80 mph and dumping over 10 inches of rain

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The new leftist British Prime Minister Sir Kier Starmer has on day one of his premiership scrapped a scheme to deport illegal immigrants to Rwanda which was devised by the previous Conservative government but never properly implemented.

Ukraine has de facto gone into default due to a commercial debt of $20 billion, but it has not yet been declared de jure, Ukrainian lawmaker Nina Yuzhanina said on Tuesday.

"We have a problem with commercial debt, which amounts to no less than $20 billion ... we already have a default - de facto, we have it, but de jure we do not," Yuzhanina told the Novyny Live broadcaster.

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The U.S. Army and Navy have recently completed a flight test of a hypersonic missile as the United States seeks to keep pace with its geopolitical rivals—China and Russia—in developing hypersonic capabilities.


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Perhaps Christian Zionists in America should reconsider their stance. The conflict often described as ” the Jewish war on God” has a long history spanning two thousand years. JEA

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has slammed Israel for targeting the Christian community in Palestine, particularly in al-Quds, by illegally imposing taxes on churches.

Where is the boatload of tax money New York City takes in going?

That's likely the main question on the minds of Gotham's citizens this week after the NY Post revealed in a report the latest "feature" of riding the prestigious MTA public transit: there appears to be zip ties holding together subway tracks.