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CatholicVote President Brian Burch weighed in on President Joe Biden’s decision to drop out of the 2024 election and endorse Vice President Kamala Harris, citing the new Democratic frontrunner’s long history of animosity toward Catholics.

“Kamala Harris hates what we believe,” Burch said.

He explained that Harris “believes that all faithful Catholics should be disqualified from serving as federal judges.”

He cited then-Senator Harris’ opposition to Judge Brian Buescher, a Knight of Columbus whom President Donald Trump successfully appointed to the federal bench.

Pastor reveals what Trump did after massive fire torches historic church sanctuary at First Baptist Church in Dallas MikeRivero

Pastor Robert Jeffress, leader of the historic First Baptist Church in Dallas, said former President Donald Trump reached out after the church's historic sanctuary burned down.

Percentage of adults who believe God created humans reaches 40-year low, Gallup poll finds MikeRivero

The percentage of adults who believe God played a role in creating the first humans reached a 40-year low in Gallup polling released Monday.

Among those responding to the polling company’s latest survey, 37% said God alone created human beings fully evolved within the past 10,000 years. That’s a new low since Gallup first surveyed the issue in 1982, down 1 percentage point from 2017.

Antifa militants attack Christian families at Jesus March in Portland MikeRivero

On the same day that a would-be assassin attempted to kill former President Donald Trump, Antifa militants attacked a group of people attending an evangelical Christian worship event in downtown Portland, Oregon. Children were among the crowd.

US No Longer Seen As Shining Example Of Democracy Ladylove

Saturday’s failed assassination attempt against Donald Trump not only shocked the world, but also added a tragic chapter to a 2024 presidential race that was already marred in turmoil and controversy. First there was Trump’s conviction in the hush money case, which makes him the first convicted felon to run for president as a major party candidate.

Catholic Priest at Rally Urged Prayers for Trumps Safety Moments Before Assassination Attempt Because There Are People Who Want to Kill Him MikeRivero

A Catholic priest who gave the benediction at former President Donald Trump’s rally on Saturday reportedly prayed for his safety–and urged Americans at the rally to do so too–just moments before the attempted assassination.

Father Jason Charron, a Ukranian Catholic pastor, had given a benediction prior to the former president’s rally on Saturday. As he was trying to leave, a group of 15 to 20 people reportedly called him over to a barricade within the rally asking that he pray.

How The Catholic Church Protected Nazi War Criminals | Nazi Hunters MikeRivero

Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem Condemns Israeli Bombing of Catholic School in Gaza MikeRivero

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the Catholic authority in the Middle East, has strongly condemned the Israeli bombing of a Catholic school in Gaza City, which killed at least four Palestinians.

Social worker denied job over biblical views setting a Dangerous precedent for Christians MikeRivero

A 46-year-old devout Christian social worker in the U.K., Felix Ngole, has described an employment tribunal ruling as setting a “dangerous precedent for Christians” by upholding his employer’s decision not to reinstate him after being denied a position over his biblical views on homosexuality.

The tribunal, presided over by Employment Judge Jonathan Brain, acknowledged that Ngole had been directly discriminated against when Touchstone Leeds, an NHS recruiter, withdrew the initial job offer, said the group Christian Concern, whose legal arm Christian Legal Centre supported Ngole.

Irreversible Harm Israel Approves Three Settlement Outposts, Thousands of Housing Units in West Bank Ladylove

‘Irreversible Harm’ – Israel Approves Three Settlement Outposts, Thousands of Housing Units in West Bank