"A people that wants to be free must arm itself with a free press." -- George Seldes, journalist

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The Year of Chaos Roars! alexmark
One comedian asked today if his audience was getting bored from slow-news days. Let’s consider the tumult: Over the weekend, President Joe Biden did what he said he would not do and quit his race for a second term as US president. He also endorsed Kamala Harris for the bid. Overnight millions and millions of mega-donor and celebrity donations poured in for Kamala and for the Democrats in general now that their favorite fossil was out of the race.
WATCH: Black voter SMOKES Democrats for trying to gaslight black people into voting for Kamala alexmark

There needs to be an investigation into a possible conspiracy among American political circles and the media to manipulate the public’s perceptions regarding President Joe Biden’s health, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said.

Biden announced on X (formerly Twitter) that he would not seek re-election in November, less than a month before the Democratic National Convention was scheduled to start in Chicago.

More details about the bungled security setup at Donald Trump’s recent rally in Butler, Penn., have emerged to suggest that Secret Service stood down and did nothing after being notified that there was an individual with a weapon perched atop the American Glass Research facility just 150 years away from where Trump was speaking.

The immigration restrictionist website VDARE has announced they're suspending the site within days after 25 years in operation due to relentless lawfare from New York Attorney General Letitia James.

VDARE founder Peter Brimelow made the announcement Tuesday on X. 

After a three-year lull, Democrats and the media decided to revive the Black Lives Matter movement one single day after President Biden endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris to replace him. 

Sonya Massey, a 36-year-old black woman with a history of mental illness, was shot by white Illinois deputy Sean Grayson on July 6 after he ordered her to drop a pot of boiling water but she instead appeared to lift it over her head and motioned to throw it at him. 

There’s a major shroud of mystery and unanswered questions hanging over the Trump assassination attempt, with new bizarre details coming out daily. The latest bombshell involves a mysterious ATF agent who appears to have secretly gotten involved in the case but has suddenly gone dark. Senator Ron Johnson is all over this new twist. If his findings hold water, they could blow the lid off the entire plot to kill President Trump. In short, according to Senator Johnson and his inside sources, a sniper team was the first on the roof, taking pictures of the scene and the dead shooter.

A group of anti-Israel protesters filled the rotunda inside the Cannon House Office Building on Tuesday to protest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s forthcoming speech to Congress.