"I started investing in gold coins, but then I found out they lose their value if you eat the chocolate part out of the center!" -- Michael Rivero

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Raymond Edgell and his wife Sandra decided to get a smart meter fitted last August.

Their old gas and electricity meters in their home in Harefield, near Uxbridge, were in a cupboard under the stairs. And the couple — who are both in their 70s — were increasingly finding it a pain to take regular meter readings.

The new 'smart' device promised to send readings to their supplier, Scottish Power, automatically and ensure their bills would always be accurate.

Ah, the good old days. When life was simpler, the music more sonorous, and the fashion more daring. If you're feeling a little sad about the past, look no further! We've got a treat for you. A collection of vintage photos that will transport you back to the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, and make you feel like you're walking on sunshine.


 Gunilla Hutton as Nurse Goodbody on Hee Haw.

History is full of surprises, and this photo gallery is no exception! Get ready to explore the unfamiliar side of history and discover a world you may not have known existed. From the 1950s to the 1980s, these paintings reveal a side of the past that is often overlooked, and they offer a unique perspective on the world we live in today.


Lynda Carter, who burst onto television screens in 1975, is best known today for her work on Wonder Woman, the television adaptation of DC's first female superhero comic book series. She quickly became a favorite of fans, who enjoyed her portrayal of the iconic character at her best, putting her own twist on Wonder Woman's evolution through her work on the series. When the show ended in 1979, Carter went on to make a name for himself in music, film and television, becoming famous for his elaborately produced, star-studded musical variety shows.

Russia today vowed to 'respond' to Britain's plans to send ammunition that contains depleted uranium as Moscow warned there are 'fewer and fewer steps' to a nuclear collision.

The Kremlin has claimed that some of the ammunition for the Challenger 2 battle tanks that Britain is sending to Ukraine includes armour piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium.

And today, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russia will 'respond' to the UK's move. 

Earlier in the day, UK Minister of State for Defense Annabel Goldie said that the country will provide Ukraine with depleted uranium tank ammunition, including armor piercing shells for Challenger 2 battle tanks.

It seems that the West decided to wage war on Russia until the last Ukrainian for real, Russian President Vladimir Putin told journalists following after the meeting of Russian and Chinese top level government delegations.

United Kingdom Deputy Minister of Defense Annabelle Goldie publicly stated today that the UK will supply Ukraine with Depleted Uranium (DU) Ammunition for some of the weapons systems supplied by NATO.  Russia has previously warned the use of Depleted Uranium will be considered an attack by a "Dirty Nuke" and will result in a nuclear response. 

Nowadays we have a tangled spider's web of agreements, about all sorts of things: Tax, Energy Use and production, Health, the right to determine our sovereignty and so it goes on. This creeping global government is Orwellian in nature and cuts across the maxim that no UK government can tie the hands of a future government. It is also foolish, not least because the major powers in the world do not participate.