Thought for the day

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and Government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." -- Thomas Jefferson

Three Arizona parents were arrested following their attempts to enter a locked-down elementary school and protect their children after reports that an armed man was seen trying to enter the building on Friday morning.

Officers in El Mirage, Arizona, used a Taser gun to subdue two parents helping a third parent whose handgun fell to the ground as he was being taken into custody outside Thompson Ranch Elementary School, a police report said.

When I was a student, school principles and university administrations were very supportive of teachers. It was understood that once teachers could be accused by students, learning discipline would break down, and control would be lost over grading, standards, and course content.

This is what has happened. A teacher’s life has changed from imparting information and challenging ideas to students into dodging accusations from leftists, feminists, blacks, homosexuals, and transgendered. Today even use of a gender pronoun can be cause for termination.

Many parents are running for school boardshomeschooling, and even pushing for a legislative crackdown to defend their children from transgender, queer, and other sexual activists in the classroom.

The craziest, most radical people in society are now teaching your kids.
Think of that?

The latest Minnesota Teachers Union contract stipulates that the white teachers will be laid off first.

This has nothing to do with seniority or quality of work. It is now all about skin color.

A former Boston public high school dean and alleged Latin Kings recruiter pleaded guilty Tuesday to racketeering charges according to a news release from the US Attorney's Office for the district of Massachusetts.

A California teacher who bragged about using his position to radicalize students into far-left “revolutionaries” has been given three years of pay by his school district to resign, according to a report.

The CA 9th-12th grade literature list contains 0 books written before 2016 (no classics). It has books by Michelle Obama, Ibram Kendi, and Trevor Noah.


FL 9th-12th list has Crime & Punishment, Hamlet, Night, Dante's Inferno, 1984, and Animal Farm.


The difference is shocking!