"'Green', at least where I come from, means immature, unprepared, and uneducated!" -- Michael Rivero

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You know gas prices are out of control when a pro athlete who just signed a $145 million contract starts to complain.

Chad Prather plays a clip of Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler, aka “Jimmy Buckets,” filling up his Bugatti in California.

When the pump stops, the screen reads “$142.94.”

“This is highway f****** robbery,” Butler says, gawking at the numbers on the screen.

“You think if I go in there and tell them that I put the wrong gas in here, they’d give me a refund?”

“California’s brutal,” says Chad.


It has been widely reported that blue states are suffering decline. Numerous residents, and businesses, have fled these Democrat-run states. Often the reasons include rising costs of living, high taxes, and unchecked crime.

Joe opportunities are seemingly becoming few and far between, for those who live in these states. Far-left policies have put a strain on businesses large and small.

One blue state governor just signed a bill that Democrats claim is a big win for workers. But will it instead lead to major problems?


The EU launched the first phase an emissions tariff scheme on Sunday, with a planned import tax on steel, aluminum, cement and fertilisers, as part of its bid to become a climate-neutral region.

During the first phase, until 2026, Brussels does not plan to collect any CO2 emissions charges at the border. Until then the system will collect data on carbon-intensive imports.

EU importers are now obliged to report the greenhouse gas emissions embedded in the production of imported iron, steel, aluminium, cement, electricity, fertilisers and hydrogen.

President Joe Biden signed legislation to extend government funding for 45 days in efforts to avert government shutdown.

On Saturday, Biden signed into law a “stopgap package” passed by Congress just hours before a vital midnight deadline when funding for federal agencies was set to expire.

The Senate passed the bill on Saturday evening, a day after the House dramatically changed course and backed a bipartisan bill to extend government funding following days of uncertainty over whether a shutdown could be avoided.

Always lost in the contentious modern debate over the ideal tax levels is the forgotten fact that the U.S. Constitution -- a document which all politicians solemnly pledge to uphold and defend -- does not even permit a tax on labor. As hard as it may be for contemporary Americans to even imagine, it was little more than a single very long lifetime ago that no American, rich, poor, or in-between, paid any income tax, at all!


Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., appeared at a General Motors plant in Wentzville, Missouri, earlier this week to join members of the United Auto Workers on the picket line against the Big Three automakers. There, he called himself “pro-worker,” challenged the companies to give workers a pay raise and more time off, and said he’s with the workers “100 percent.”

When western nations rolled out a grand plan to throttle Russian oil imports and impose sanctions on Kremlin energy exports, we - and many others - laughed: after all, we have repeatedly seen how toothless western sanctions are when seeking to contain "rogue regime" oil profits, from Iran (which is pretty much selling oil to China at max capacity) to Venezuela and onward.

Billionaire Ray Dalio is warning the average American that the ruling class has put them in a “risky” financial situation. The debt crisis is getting worse by the second and a total collapse of the financial system is looming.

“We’re going to have a debt crisis in this country,” Dalio told CNBC according to a report by RT in an interview that aired Thursday. “How fast it transpires, I think, is going to be a function of that supply-demand issue, so I’m watching that very closely.”


Climate crisis activists have dreamed up a campaign that they bombastically call a “treaty” to ban advertising of high-carbon products – in other words, anything they, or their sponsors, don’t like.  These groups are not working alone; they are politically funded and politically motivated.