"Every revolution begins with a single act of defiance" -- Mahatma Gandhi

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Drones from American startups are glitchy and expensive prompting Ukraine to turn to alternatives from China.

The Wall Street Journal comments American Drones Failed to Turn the Tide in Ukraine

The share of the Chinese yuan on Russia’s foreign exchange market hit an all-time high in March, the Bank of Russia (CBR) reported in its financial risk review on Monday.

Russia’s shift away from major Western currencies started with the US and EU sanctions imposed on the country over the Ukraine conflict. The financial restrictions made cross-border trade in euros and dollars more difficult and their presence on the domestic foreign exchange market less important.

By Germán Gorraiz López

Biden’s signs of senility, the fentanyl crisis, the dearth of life and the disaffection of the democratic left wing in the face of the Israeli massacres in Gaza, would have sunk his popularity to historic lows, which would facilitate the triumphant return of Donald Trump in the November presidential elections by having cleared the way to the White House after the latest decisions of the Supreme Court.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world's largest contract chip maker, plans to build a third chip factory in Arizona after receiving $6.6 billion in grants and $5 billion in loans through US government subsidies. This is part of a massive effort led by the Biden administration to make America's semiconductor manufacturing industry great again. 

South Korean regulators are investigating the hugely popular Chinese shopping app Temu on suspicion of false advertising and unfair practices, the Yonhap news agency reported Monday.

With sometimes astonishingly low prices and a huge variety of items, Temu has enjoyed rapid growth in dozens of countries since it was launched in 2022 by Chinese e-commerce giant PDD Holdings.

It is also under increased scrutiny in the United States, Europe and elsewhere over its business practices, advertising and handling of user data.

China is bringing down the world economy by flooding markets with low-priced electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries and solar panels, according to US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. 

"Now, we're seeing an increase in business investment in a number of new industries targeted by the PRC's industrial policy, and that includes electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries, and solar," Yellen said on Monday during a press conference in Beijing. "China is now simply too large for the rest of the world to absorb this enormous capacity."

By George Lei, Bloomberg markets live reporter and strategist

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen implored Beijing’s top leaders during her four-day visit to refrain from boosting the country’s already vast manufacturing capacity and to focus on lifting domestic demand instead.