Thought for the day

"Power’s not a chalice. It’s a hammer. And it only does one thing. Power smashes. The subtext of all power is extortion. It’s always the threat of force, of imprisonment, the threat of death. Always." -- Adam Skelter, Prophet Margin: The Benefit of the Doubt


"As an apartheid state, Israel has no right to exist. No state that declares one ethnicity is superior to another has a right to exist. But what will we put in its place, in our search for a new Palestine? It’s something that needs discussing; two-state versus one-state is key to any future peace. And who better to posit plans but an Arab and a Jew?

"So, I am looking for support for our “Rabbi on the Road” UK tour, which we are planning for the first two weeks of September. I am bringing anti-Zionist Rabbi Dovid Weiss (pictured above) over from New York to address the theme of a world beyond Israel. Author and Broadcaster Dr Azzam Tamimi will join him..." >>