"I started investing in gold coins, but then I found out they lose their value if you eat the chocolate part out of the center!" -- Michael Rivero

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Raymond Edgell and his wife Sandra decided to get a smart meter fitted last August.

Their old gas and electricity meters in their home in Harefield, near Uxbridge, were in a cupboard under the stairs. And the couple — who are both in their 70s — were increasingly finding it a pain to take regular meter readings.

The new 'smart' device promised to send readings to their supplier, Scottish Power, automatically and ensure their bills would always be accurate.

Even better, the couple would receive a gadget with a screen that would show exactly how much power they were using each day.

But seven months later, the device doesn't work. In fact, it never has. Raymond, 78, a retired postman, estimates that he's tried to call Scottish Power 150 times over the intervening months to no avail.

Posted on: Mar 22 08:13

Advancing "LGBTQ+ rights" is a "core part" of America's foreign policy, National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby announced during a press conference at the White House on Tuesday.

Posted on: Mar 22 06:04

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador went off the US State Department for accusing Mexico of "human rights abuses" when the Biden regime is working to imprison former President Donald Trump, extradite Julian Assange and bombed the Nord Stream pipelines.

Posted on: Mar 22 05:20

Google is programming their Bard "AI" to be just as artificially stupid as OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Posted on: Mar 22 01:06

A completely jabbed, young, and healthy cricket player passed away after contracting a sudden “turbo-cancer” that claimed his life just days after being diagnosed.


Posted on: Mar 21 23:40

Eliot Higgins, the founder of the "nonpartisan" Bellingcat propaganda outlet that claims to fight "disinformation," is using Midjourney AI to fulfill his fantasies about former President Donald Trump getting arrested before his crying family.

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Newly released footage from June 2021 shows White House chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci getting schooled while trying to shill the vax door-to-door to poor black folks in an Anacostia ward in Washington, DC.

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The world of geisha and maiko women has always been shrouded in mystery and allure. These women, who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of traditional Japanese entertainment, have been the subject of countless books, films, and artworks.


However, very few people have had the opportunity to see them as they were in the 19th century when geisha culture was at its peak.


In this photo collection, we've put together a series of stunning photographs that offer a glimpse into the lives of these remarkable women during this period.

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Niagara Falls is one of the most famous and beloved natural wonders of the world. Every year, millions of people visit to witness its majesty and power, but only a few get to see it during the winter months, when it freezes over, turning into an icy, ethereal landscape.


The frozen Niagara Falls has been an attraction for centuries, with the first recorded instance dating back to the winter of 1848 when extreme cold caused the falls to freeze.

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Here's a look at some of America's most iconic restaurants and diners from the 1950s and 1960s.

From the bold colors and streamlined shape of their architecture to the neon signs that lit up the night sky, these establishments were a true reflection of the post-war era.

In this article, we'll showcase a collection of exterior photographs that capture the spirit and style of American restaurants in the 1950s and 1960s.

The 1950s and 1960s were a time of great change in America, and nowhere was this more apparent than in the restaurants and diners of that era.

These establishments were an important part of American culture, and their history is a fascinating look at the social and architectural trends of the time.

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Ah, the good old days. When life was simpler, the music more sonorous, and the fashion more daring. If you're feeling a little sad about the past, look no further! We've got a treat for you. A collection of vintage photos that will transport you back to the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, and make you feel like you're walking on sunshine.


These photographs are more than just snapshots of days gone by, they are windows to a world that was filled with endless magic. From flower children to punk rockers, these images capture the spirit of an era that will never be forgotten. And even if you weren't around to experience it all for yourself, you'll find yourself smiling and happy as you take a trip through this nostalgic collection.

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 Gunilla Hutton as Nurse Goodbody on Hee Haw.

History is full of surprises, and this photo gallery is no exception! Get ready to explore the unfamiliar side of history and discover a world you may not have known existed. From the 1950s to the 1980s, these paintings reveal a side of the past that is often overlooked, and they offer a unique perspective on the world we live in today.


Take a trip back to the era of poodle skirts, soda shops, and classic cars. These photographs capture moments that are both bizarre and captivating, and they provide a glimpse into a world that is both familiar and foreign at the same time. Whether you lived in this era or you're just curious to learn more, these images are sure to fascinate and inform

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History is full of surprises, and this photo gallery is no exception! Get ready to uncover an unexpected side of history and discover a world you never knew existed. From both the bizarre and the captivating to rare glimpses of the past, these images offer a unique perspective on the world we live in today.


Travel back in time to an era of bouffant hairstyles, psychedelic music and flower power. These photos will transport you to a world that is both familiar and foreign at the same time, and they will leave you feeling nostalgic and informed. Whether you lived in this era or you are just curious to know more, these images are sure to fascinate and delight.

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