"By way of deception, thou shalt do war." -- Motto of the Mossad

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On Tuesday, former primary rival Nikki Haley officially released all 97 of her delegates to Donald Trump.

Haley's move comes shortly before the Republican National Convention is scheduled to kick off in Milwaukee where Trump will be officially named the 2024 Republican nominee for president.

Politico reports:


“The nominating convention is a time for Republican unity,” Haley will reportedly say in an upcoming statement.

Joe Biden is not competent to serve a second term and Kamala Harris would be a disaster for America. We need a president who will hold our enemies to account, secure our border, cut our debt, and get our economy back on track. I encourage my delegates to support Donald Trump next week in Milwaukee,” the statement will add.

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G7 Summit already showed he isn't. – Biden looks to make the case at the NATO summit that he is still up for the job. NATO leaders gathering in Washington starting Tuesday plan to shore up transatlantic support for Ukraine in its battle against Russia.

But for host President Joe Biden, the summit has become just as much about demonstrating he is capable of meeting the grinding demands of the presidency for four more years.

NATO chief sidesteps questions twice on Biden's fitness to lead alliance against Putin. This, when asked to vouch for the mental and physical fitness of Joe Biden to lead the alliance in the long-term fight to save Ukraine and contain an expansionist Russia.

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In the high-stakes world of political theater, sometimes the curtain falls, and the actors can’t stick to their lines. The White House press briefing on Monday turned into an unscripted drama that revealed more than the administration likely intended.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced a barrage of tough questions, something that has become increasingly common as President Biden’s health and the White House’s transparency come under scrutiny. Concerns about President Biden’s mental and physical health have been mounting, especially after his recent disastrous debate performance.

Despite the White House’s attempts to downplay these issues, the press corps is no longer willing to accept vague reassurances. The usually reserved CBS News correspondent Ed O’Keefe took the lead in demanding clear answers about reports of a neurologist visiting the White House multiple times.

The press briefing quickly escalated into a heated exchange that highlighted the growing frustration among journalists. It was a far cry from the usual softballs Jean-Pierre had been used to fielding.

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John Deere “has been one of the most beloved brands by conservative farmers but recently on CEO John May’s watch, they’ve gone woke,” Starbuck wrote.

He shared an eight-minute video exposing recent internal actions at the company, from diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies to anti-white and anti-Christian training sessions and the promotion of gender ideology among employees.

The video began with an overview of John Deere’s policy for pronoun usage in all formal methods of communication. The company also sponsored a pride event called “Capital City Pride, Little Rainbow Run,” for children as young as three years old, the video revealed.

The video featured screenshots, videos, and photos to corroborate Starbuck’s claims.

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Ahead of a full caucus meeting on July 9, a small group of House Democrats in swing districts had a gathering where some shed “actual tears” when discussing their opposition to Biden continuing with his reelection campaign, according to a July 9 Axios report. 

The group was reportedly in near-complete agreement that Biden should step down. However, those holding that opinion in the Democrat Party are a part of “a rapidly disintegrating movement,” according to Axios

Axios reported that one source described the small gathering’s “mood as ‘pretty much unanimous’ that Biden has ‘got to step down,’ adding, ‘There were actual tears from people, and not for Biden.’”

As CatholicVote reported on July 8, prominent Democratic figures have expressed concern over Biden’s mental fitness and health after his widely-panned performance in the June 27 debate against former President Donald Trump. 

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The European Union could revoke Hungary’s presidency of the bloc over Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s trip to Moscow, Politico EU has reported, citing diplomatic sources.

Having assumed the rotating European Council presidency and vowed to make “Europe great again (MEGA)” Orban visited Ukraine and met with Vladimir Zelensky. He then went to Russia, triggering howls of outrage in Kiev and Brussels alike.

“Member states were already irritated by the ‘MEGA’ motto. But a meeting with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin will permanently overshadow the Hungarian presidency,” Politico reported on Monday evening, citing an unnamed EU diplomat. “With such a meeting the presidency ends before it has really begun.”

Politico described Orban as having gone “rogue” and suggested the EU ambassadors “could move from public condemnations alone to concrete action to restrain” Budapest at their meeting on Wednesday.

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Mad political scientist Emmanuel Macron’s little experiment blew up in his face. And his lab partner has already called for his resignation if the French president fails to comply with the leftist leader’s demands. He’s now in a hostage situation of his own making. 

There’s a statue in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada that has left an impression on me from the time I was a child. Called the “Miracle Mile,” it commemorates a legendary race held in 1954 at Vancouver’s Empire Stadium between the two men at the time known for breaking the four-minute mile: England’s Roger Bannister and Australia’s John Landy. At the very end of the race, Landy, who was in the lead, looked over one shoulder for his opponent, who proceeded to blow past him on the other and win. “Always run your own race, right to the end,” my late, sports specialist father told me as we stared at the monument. “Because that’s the only thing that you can really control.” Too bad that Macron didn’t learn the same lesson. 

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The Group of Seven “likely” abandoned the US plan to expropriate Russia’s frozen central bank assets due to a “veiled threat” from Saudi Arabia, Bloomberg has reported.

The US and UK had been pushing for outright seizure of around $280 billion in Russian sovereign funds, which the West had frozen in 2022 citing the Ukraine conflict. The EU, where most of the immobilized assets are held, was reluctant to see the euro endangered by the possible backlash.

Saudi Arabia “privately hinted” that it might sell some of its EU debt holdings if the G7 went ahead with the confiscation plans, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday citing “people familiar with the matter.”

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Fighting continues on the southern front in the Gaza Strip and on the northern front on the borders with Lebanon. The Israeli army has reported that 11 soldiers have been wounded in different areas over the past 24 hours. Eight soldiers were wounded in the Gaza Strip and three soldiers were wounded on the northern border.

The military situation in Gaza and Rafah has not changed much. Israeli forces have not been able to completely clear Rafah after weeks of fighting. Around 60% of the town is currently under Israeli control.

Fighting continues in the central areas of Rafah, in Tal al-Sultan, around the Saudi project and in the southern areas of the city.

The situation in other parts of the Gaza Strip remains unchanged. Israeli forces are stationed in the central axis of the Gaza Strip, known as the Netzarim axis. In addition, Israeli engineering units are demolishing buildings and clearing areas in the northern and southern parts of the Netzarim axis.

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A United Airlines Boeing jet lost a main landing gear wheel on Monday while taking off from Los Angeles . The Boeing 757-200 was carrying 174 passengers and 7 crewmembers when it took off from Los Angeles (LAX).

The Boeing Aircraft Company is a giant promoter of "DEI" - Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity.  Sadly, according to many reports, what DEI begets is putting unqualified people into important jobs that they are unqualified to perform, so the company can feel good about itself from racial and ethnic perspectives.

The trouble is, when you put unqualified people into important jobs, wheels - and other parts - fall off the planes they build.

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A Russian missile strike has inflicted extensive damage on a Ukrainian military column in the northeast of the country, footage released by the Defense Ministry in Moscow shows.

The attack took place near the village of Stetsovka in Sumy Region, the ministry said in a statement on Tuesday. The settlement is located roughly 10km north of the region’s administrative center.

The Russian military believes the Iskander-M missile strike destroyed an artillery munitions storage dump and 20 Ukrainian vehicles, as well as killing up to 65 troops.

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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico who survived an assassination attempt in May has resumed his duties, Slovak Television reported.

During a visit to Agro Voderady, an agricultural enterprise in the country’s western part, Fico confirmed that Slovakia does not plan on lifting its ban on imports of some Ukrainian products.

"The list of products that we are not going to import from Ukraine remains in effect. I discussed this issue [several months ago] with the head of the Ukrainian government and explained to him that we cannot destroy Slovakia’s agriculture [by importing agricultural products from Ukraine]," he said.

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While Democrats are soul-searching on whether to support President Biden as the Democratic nominee, House Speaker Mike Johnson and fellow Republican leaders view the president’s tenure as a danger to the country. Polls and some Democrats in Washington have turned against Mr. Biden, something that Mr. Johnson said Republicans should enjoy politically. Yet he’s not enjoying the reality of it, arguing that Mr. Biden’s condition is “dangerous.”
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According to a recent poll conducted exclusively for Newsweek by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, 44 percent of Americans interested in taking a summer vacation this year are not doing so because of rising air travel costs. The consumer price index for airline tickets has increased by 25 percent over the last year, which is the largest jump since Federal Reserve of St. Louis records began in 1989. 
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This summer was badged as being a time when we would see a change in something which has existed since the early 1990s. It has been a major theme of Japanese policy since the original plans of Abenomics in 2013. Abe-sans “three arrows” were supposed to end deflation in Japanese wages. So let us head for our first signal of what happened in this year’s main or Shunto pay round.
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Tren de Aragua, a Venezuelan gang notorious for its brutality, has reportedly set up operations in New York City. According to law enforcement officials, the gang recruits migrants from shelters and buses arriving from Texas.
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Altos reports that active single-family inventory was up 1.1% week-over-week. Inventory is now up 32.1% from the February seasonal bottom, and at the highest level since July 2020. This inventory graph is courtesy of Altos Research. As of July 5th, inventory was at 653 thousand (7-day average), compared to 646 thousand the prior week.
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a man of the people who has been fighting the corrupt system to remain on the ballots. The mainstream media refuses to cover Kennedy’s ideals or policies. A simple Google search for the presidential candidate yields asinine results with no correlation to his candidacy. Since he announced his presidential ambitions, the right and left have been attempting to banish him from the ballots. Yet, the Democratic National Committee is actively engaging in what Kennedy has termed “lawfare” to prevent the people from having an alternative to Joe Biden.
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